The Jewish control structures seek to enslave the entire human race that is clear. The Jews in their absolute sociopathic ways seek to mastermind and engineer a total take over of the human race. Via not only control of banks but also via socially engineered doctrines such as Marxism and the Communist Jew Social Justice Worker movement.

In order to combat the sly shylocks in control of the world’s finances and governments there will need to be an absolute total war. A war that roots out every single last parasitic Jew and totally exterminates them and their crypto-Jew comrades.

The Jews seek via the lies of equality, the Hollow Cost, and other Jewish lies to enslave the once noble Aryan race and to suppress our spiritual evolution to our rightful place as master and leader on this earth planet.

Via race mixing and paid off government institutions such as universities and schools they educate our youth that all people are equal. That being a sexual pervert faggot is normal and healthy. That cutting off your own dick and shoving inside yourself will make you a real “woman” and other equally perverse degeneracy. They want to destroy our race from within via alien religions like Islam. Racially by racial mixing. Politically via such “crimes” as holohoax denial and hate speech. And by any other means necessary. Primarily the Jews have accomplished this without firing a single round.

So to must the Aryans now become cruel and merciless towards race traitors, and all other kikes and kikes sympathizers.

Any means necessary to destroy the rat, the vermin and the parasitic cockroach nature of the Jew.

This is WAR and to the victor the spoils. If an all out war with the Jews and their lackeys would mean the end of the Aryan race then so be it. It’s far better to die like warriors than be subservient dogs to the Jew scum.

The only good kike is a dead one. This is survival. This is self defense. And this is freedom for the Aryan people.


Welcome to the Islamic Republic of Canada: Liberals making anti-blasphemy laws


So now it will be illegal to criticize the primitive and barbaric religion of Islam. You don’t believe in the Prophet Mohammed and Koran than too fucking bad off to the liberal gulag for re-education. You say something critical of Islam or draw a picture of Mohammed it could mean jail time now.

But the niggers and kikes are free to insult Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible of course.

When are Canadians going to get pissed off at how the liberals are destroying our country and basically making it illegal to be a white Christian?

It’s time for us to purge the traitors and all their mud nigger friends and to hang every last goddamned Jew and Mudscum nigger. And any whites who sided with them should be executed as traitors too.

Syrian sandniggers making $43,000 a month


Although the average Canadian makes $27,600 a year Syrian rapefugees get a free yearly salary of $43,000 a month. Now some lefties are saying it’s a loan and after the initial startup loan of $3600 or so they get $1400/monthly. Although in this sort of welfare nanny state of Canada we see that immigrants and other muds are taught to milk the system rather than work at the tax payers expense. So I doubt some welfare Mudscum nigger is going to repay that amount even if it is only $1400. Because whence more they are simply taught to be lazy and milk the system at our expense.

One more strike against Justine Trudeau.

Source: http://magafeed.com/in-canada-syrian-refugees-get-3600-per-month-from-the-government-43000-per-year-while-the-average-canadian-makes-27600-per-year/
FULL REPORTAGE CBC Radio Canada http://www.cbc.ca/player/play/819337283827