The Fuhrer Pathei-Mathos

My old defiance had come back to me and my goal was now clear and definite before my eyes. I wanted to become an architect, and obstacles do not exist to be surrendered to, but only to be broken. I was determined to overcome these obstacles, keeping before my eyes the image of my father, who had started out as the child of a village shoemaker, and risen by his own efforts to be a government official. I had a better foundation to build on, and hence my possibilities in the struggle were easier, and what then seemed to be the harshness of Fate, I praise today as wisdom and Providence. While the Goddess of Suffering took me in her arms, often threatening to crush me, my will to resistance grew, and in the end this will was victorious.

I owe it to that period that I grew hard and am still capable of being hard. And even more, I exalt it for tearing me away from the hollowness of comfortable life; for drawing the mother’s darling out of his soft downy bed and giving him ‘Dame Care’ for a new mother; for hurling me, despite all resistance, into a world of misery and poverty, thus making me acquainted with those for whom I was later to fight.

— Mein Kampf, “Years of Study and Suffering in Vienna”


Ray Redfeairn

“You fucking pig, you think you’re so bad now, eh?”
—To police officer Dave Koenig after shooting him multiple times in 1979

“We are dangerous. Dangerous to the Jews, niggers, and anyone else who poses a threat to the white race. What I find especially disturbing is the niggers.”
—Sermon from the 1990s, as recounted by former FBI informant Dave Hall

“As far as I am concerned, there aren’t any 10,000 niggers worth one Aryan’s life.”
—Sermon from the 1990s, as recounted by Dave Hall

“No doubt all of you have heard the news out of Jasper, Texas, about three young Aryan men chaining a nigger to the bumper of their pickup truck and dragging him to death. I think this is a terrible, terrible thing. I think this was a terrible thing because they had to have had at least enough room for six more niggers on that bumper!”
—Sermon from the 1990s, as recounted by Dave Hall



Neither the victims nor the leftovers, we are an historic breed: Revolutionaries. We appear and vanish as the times demand, just  long enough to do the job at hand. After us comes the slow, historic process over again

The mark of a revolutionary movement can only be seen in its complete separation from the current establishment. It is completely apart. It is not apart because it can’t make the grade in the sick society, but rather because it can’t stomach it and refuses to be part of  it. It is set apart because it is disciplined, sober and austere, truly moral. It is a revolution because– finding itself faced with an absolute abomination– it has as its highest priority the destruction of the System and therefore is not some piddling conservative sideshow crusade. It can and does reject the prevailing decadence of the sick society, not because of any leftover code of taboos but because to dissipate oneself in such a manner is counter-revolutionary. It utterly scorns such phony “revolutionary” elements as the “hippie” or “drug culture” because it knows  them to be only the more virulent forms of the same cancer as the System itself. It has historically been the task of each revolution to destroy that which is unclean. That accomplished, nature and man can once again assume their proper course upward.

— James Mason, SIEGE

Forces To Be Unleashed

The masses, or the “mass” as a whole, can only be looked upon as a coward. They say a brave man dies but one death whereas the coward dies a thousand times inside. Within these millions upon millions of pieces of bio-mass there exists the kind of alienation, resentment, fear, frustration, and burning hate– all largely undefined– that is so terrible and potentially explosive that its full power can only be guessed at. So far the trigger, or fuse, hasn’t been found. Bleeding and pounding by the System isn’t going to do it. They just roll over like a spaniel when kicked and crawl back for more. So far the Jews have succeeded in pulling out all stops at getting and keeping the masses docile and distracted, pampered and entertained to the point where no reason and nothing reasonable can get through to them. That’s where the answer must lie hidden.

Something unreasonable. Something that doesn’t even make sense. Something they can neither anticipate nor cope with afterward. Tommasi was among many revolutionists who knew that if a revolution were ever sparked in this country, it would be done by one,  lone incident that had all the dimensions necessary to catch fire and spread in all directions at once. It is the missing factor. It  is why the times we are living in are the roughest because nothing, that is nothing dramatic and widespread, is happening that is truly revolutionary.

This also means that the greatest heroes and heroines of all are those who have in recent times sacrificed in an attempt, and those in the near future who will sacrifice and succeed in the task, of blowing the bottom out of the situation– thus allowing new moves to be made free from interference by the paid forces of an intact Big Brother Pig System. That moment, when it comes, will be the pivot-point in  affairs– when Big Brother’s hand is reduced and ours increases until it is the only one. The tempering we have undergone will pay huge dividends when Big Brother’s money power is broken and the criteria for mastery becomes the greatest degree of awareness, discipline, and ruthlessness in the hands of those with the greatest drive and will to power. In this we are not alone. We’d just better see to it that it spells US when the time comes.


— James Mason, SIEGE

The SJW Problem

The Social Justice Worker movement is really nothing new in the grand scheme of things. SJWs are gutter trash just like the goddamn dirty hippies were in the 60s and just like all other faggot freak niggerlovers are. They only gain traction because of the system; it’s foot soldiers and corporations all share the same anti white we are all eqwkal bullshit Jew philosophy.

Now if you are out flyering or protesting or what have you and some faggot queer SJW comes at you yelling at you or threatening you I’ll tell you right now they are cowards and they operate in groups like the cowardly scum they are. But do not give them any quarter or allow them to intimidate you. If they don’t back away and they want to cause harm to you then it’s in your best interest to punch that tranny faggot freak in the face and break it’s gender queer nose. Maybe give “it” a few kicks in the head when it’s down until brain matter splatters all over the concrete.

And the white ones are the absolute worse our race has to offer. The females (if they actually are biological women I mean here not their queer mental illness fantasy) are usually fat, ugly and coal burning pieces of shit. They support a religion  (Islam) that wants to put a burka on them and parade them around like dogs or animals. So they are some of the least intelligent and common sense oriented people out there. And their need for safety and safe spaces and protected speech shows how scared and cowardly they truly are. And the males are usually homosexuals or shemales or God knows what. In any case I don’t think anyone should call themselves a proud National Socialist individual if they are afraid of these faggot freaks.

They are usually young people and college aged. And they are socially engineered from childhood via media brainwashing and academic institutions either public or post secondary ones to be the way they are. And these individuals when they come out, come out in droves usually at campuses because that’s their base of operation. And they would be too scared being cowards to face a proud Aryan warrior alone. One on one like a man.

They don’t have a sense of logical and they are degenerate by products of the society this sick sick system has created. They do not want anyone to think, feel or speak in a way that upsets their emotions. And it’s wild in fact how ridiculous it has gotten. They try to get people fired and have. And they try to manipulate and control corporations and government agencies etc. And of course agents of the system are all too happy to relent. Because such a system of where you can no longer say or think freely is the sort of aimed total enslavement of the human race the system desires.

So give no quarter to these sick and twisted individuals. And if they come at you yelling and screaming and spitting. Stick your goddamn foot up their ass.

The Lifeblood of the System

Money is the lifeblood and the sustenance of the system. Like a sweet nectar it nourishes itself on usury and the financial slavery of others. The systems own foot soldiers are bought and paid for via money. The system doesn’t have a invested interest in the poor or middle class becoming rich. Via such things as the recession we’ve seen the rich get richer and the gap between poor and rich grow wider.

The taxation system in power right now saps all of your money to support welfare niggers and “social programs” and feeds the belly of the beast itself. More and more taxes are going to become increasingly unfair until you are little more financially free than a feudal serf was.

The sweet thing about this sort of “gibs me” system in Canada is that you can milk it for its worth yourself if you play your cards right. And milking such an unsustainable system will push further and further down the drain.

Another way is to live “off the grid” ie living to as much as you can in a sort of wilderness or rural environment not requiring too much of your money to be sapped to support anti Aryan laws and social programs for non whites. Grow your own vegetables or fruits, hunt wild game, dig your own well, use a solar panel for electricity, burn your own wood, etc.

For those of you working in high tier intuitions such as banks or corporations you can sell trade secrets or sabotage the financial system from within engineering it towards a more total collapse.

The problem is to some extent we are controlled like puppets via money. We need it to live nowadays for the most part. Some sort of income somehow from somewhere. So another way is to make an income via illegal means and all the sweeter if those illegal means sicken or help poison the system further.

The imagination is truly limitless for ways to get back at the system even if it means putting a round through Mr Bankerstein’s skull or robbing a Jew bank.

In the future if we can get enough revolutionaries together living say offshore in international waters or on our own dominated parcel of land free from state intervention using our own means of financial support or even bartering and working communally will be very, very beneficial.

I said it before and I’ll say it again THIS IS WAR AND THE ENDS ALWAYS JUSTIFY THE MEANS IN WAR!