The SJW Problem

The Social Justice Worker movement is really nothing new in the grand scheme of things. SJWs are gutter trash just like the goddamn dirty hippies were in the 60s and just like all other faggot freak niggerlovers are. They only gain traction because of the system; it’s foot soldiers and corporations all share the same anti white we are all eqwkal bullshit Jew philosophy.

Now if you are out flyering or protesting or what have you and some faggot queer SJW comes at you yelling at you or threatening you I’ll tell you right now they are cowards and they operate in groups like the cowardly scum they are. But do not give them any quarter or allow them to intimidate you. If they don’t back away and they want to cause harm to you then it’s in your best interest to punch that tranny faggot freak in the face and break it’s gender queer nose. Maybe give “it” a few kicks in the head when it’s down until brain matter splatters all over the concrete.

And the white ones are the absolute worse our race has to offer. The females (if they actually are biological women I mean here not their queer mental illness fantasy) are usually fat, ugly and coal burning pieces of shit. They support a religion  (Islam) that wants to put a burka on them and parade them around like dogs or animals. So they are some of the least intelligent and common sense oriented people out there. And their need for safety and safe spaces and protected speech shows how scared and cowardly they truly are. And the males are usually homosexuals or shemales or God knows what. In any case I don’t think anyone should call themselves a proud National Socialist individual if they are afraid of these faggot freaks.

They are usually young people and college aged. And they are socially engineered from childhood via media brainwashing and academic institutions either public or post secondary ones to be the way they are. And these individuals when they come out, come out in droves usually at campuses because that’s their base of operation. And they would be too scared being cowards to face a proud Aryan warrior alone. One on one like a man.

They don’t have a sense of logical and they are degenerate by products of the society this sick sick system has created. They do not want anyone to think, feel or speak in a way that upsets their emotions. And it’s wild in fact how ridiculous it has gotten. They try to get people fired and have. And they try to manipulate and control corporations and government agencies etc. And of course agents of the system are all too happy to relent. Because such a system of where you can no longer say or think freely is the sort of aimed total enslavement of the human race the system desires.

So give no quarter to these sick and twisted individuals. And if they come at you yelling and screaming and spitting. Stick your goddamn foot up their ass.


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