The Lifeblood of the System

Money is the lifeblood and the sustenance of the system. Like a sweet nectar it nourishes itself on usury and the financial slavery of others. The systems own foot soldiers are bought and paid for via money. The system doesn’t have a invested interest in the poor or middle class becoming rich. Via such things as the recession we’ve seen the rich get richer and the gap between poor and rich grow wider.

The taxation system in power right now saps all of your money to support welfare niggers and “social programs” and feeds the belly of the beast itself. More and more taxes are going to become increasingly unfair until you are little more financially free than a feudal serf was.

The sweet thing about this sort of “gibs me” system in Canada is that you can milk it for its worth yourself if you play your cards right. And milking such an unsustainable system will push further and further down the drain.

Another way is to live “off the grid” ie living to as much as you can in a sort of wilderness or rural environment not requiring too much of your money to be sapped to support anti Aryan laws and social programs for non whites. Grow your own vegetables or fruits, hunt wild game, dig your own well, use a solar panel for electricity, burn your own wood, etc.

For those of you working in high tier intuitions such as banks or corporations you can sell trade secrets or sabotage the financial system from within engineering it towards a more total collapse.

The problem is to some extent we are controlled like puppets via money. We need it to live nowadays for the most part. Some sort of income somehow from somewhere. So another way is to make an income via illegal means and all the sweeter if those illegal means sicken or help poison the system further.

The imagination is truly limitless for ways to get back at the system even if it means putting a round through Mr Bankerstein’s skull or robbing a Jew bank.

In the future if we can get enough revolutionaries together living say offshore in international waters or on our own dominated parcel of land free from state intervention using our own means of financial support or even bartering and working communally will be very, very beneficial.

I said it before and I’ll say it again THIS IS WAR AND THE ENDS ALWAYS JUSTIFY THE MEANS IN WAR!


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