Why Race Exists by David Myatt

As a famous man once said: ” There are certain truths which stand out so openly on the roadsides of life, as it were, that every passer-by may see them. Yet, because of their very obviousness, the general run of people disregard such truths or at least they do not make them the object of any conscious knowledge.” (Mein Kampf, I, 11)

Race is one of these fundamental and obvious truths. The truth that we human beings are divided into many races, each with their own different character, is obvious, just as it is obvious that other species on this planet are divided into distinct groups, distinct breeds.

Anyone who has ever travelled around the world, and spent  months or years living among different people with their different cultures, knows that race and racial character exist. I myself have lived for years among different cultures in Africa, in Asia, in the Middle East, as I have spent many many months and years travelling around this world.

In the course of all my travels I have learnt a great deal, directly, from practical experience, from personal observation, and I, as my Aryan ancestors did, rely more on my own experiences than I do on the word of some so-called “expert” whom I have never met and who has probably not seen as much of the diversity of this world as I have.

Common sense, reason, practical experience, all confirm the truth that race, and racial character, exists. We do not need some so-called “academic” to tell us what is obvious, as we do not need to read turgid sociological articles or books written by social-engineers who have a vested political interest in denying or trying to deny that race and racial character exists.

Such social-engineers (often Zionists or upholders of political doctrines such as marxian-socialism)  want us to believe the arrogant idea that we human beings are somehow different from other species of life that inhabits this planet. But we are not. We, like all other forms on life on this planet we call Earth, are Nature made manifest: the product of evolution. And like other life on Earth, we depend on Nature and are subject to the laws of Nature.

For decades we in the West have – as a result of trendy liberals and marxian-socialism taking over our schools and Universities – been indoctrinated to accept the word, the opinion, of some so-called “scientific expert” or some academic theorist. Rather than relying on our own experience, rather than listening to and accepting the wisdom of our ancestors, of our own culture, we have been taught to rely on such academics and such “experts” who regularly put forward stupid abstract theories and ideas and who regularly try to convince us that their abstract theories and ideas are right.

The wisdom of our own Aryan culture, the insight gained from practical personal experience, tells us that race and racial character exist.

I am reminded of the experience of two farmers who lived not far apart in an English county where I spent many a happy year. One farmer continued to farm the way his father, and his father’s father, had farmed, caring more about the land and his family than he did about profit. Sometimes, he would be visited by advisors, or “experts”, from a Government department concerned with agriculture, who always had some bright new idea, or scheme, for improving crop yields or increasing milk production or for making farming “more productive, more efficient”. Often, there was some new chemical spray available, or some type of chemicallly-produced fertilizer. The farmer listened, politely, then carried on as he always had done with traditional methods, methods which are now called “organic farming” even though this farmer never used that term, and had never heard of it until some years ago.

Meanwhile, his not-too-distant neighbour, had listened to the “experts”, the advisors, and adopted the “new” methods. So it was that he ripped out hedges to make the fields larger so that the new machinery could work them more efficiently. The new machinery, of course, was purchased with a loan, which meant the farmer had to pay interest. This farmer increased his dairy herd, built new cattle sheds for them. Every year his land would be sprayed with chemicals and covered with fertilizer from bags bought from an agricultural merchant.

For quite a while, this farmer prospered. He make a reasonable profit. But the good years did not last. The farm became a kind of business, and he owed a lot of money to the Bank, which was a source of constant worry, so much so that he had to sell some land to pay off some debts. The BSE crises came; and now the Foot-and-Mouth crises. And his own land had changed. The larks of yesteryear were gone, as were many other species of bird. The old barns, once home to an owl, and to bats, were gone.  Several times a year the remaining hedgerows were flailed by mechanical tractor-driven flails until they looked as though some nearby explosion had ripped through their branches. The land of his “organic” neighbour, of course, had remained largely as it was, having become a haven for wildlife.

What this story – and many others of the same kind – reveal is that we must respect Nature, strive to work in harmony with Nature, listen to the wisdom of our ancestors, and rely on practical experience, on common sense, rather than on the word, the advice of some “experts” or some academic advisers.

Once, our societies – the societies of our ancestors – were based upon the wisdom of practical experience, upon the insight, the understanding, that our own culture gave us. Today, our societies have been changed from what they once were because they have been socially-engineered according to the opinions, the advise, of sociological “experts”, of liberal and marxist theorists, totally out of touch with the real world, the reality, of Nature.

So it is that such theorists have constructed our present multi-racial societies.

For myself, I do not want to live in a so-called multi-racial society, which I know is an un-natural and unhealthy society. If I want to know, to experience, other cultures, other races, then I am prepared to travel to their country: to experience their culture, their way of life, at first-hand. This is how it should be, with each people, each race, each culture, having their own land, their own area, their own nation, where their culture, their way of life, can flourish and where those people can strive to live in balance, in harmony, in their ancestral lands.

The truth of our times is that nowhere on this planet is there an Aryan society, an Aryan nation: a place where our Aryan culture thrives and where we Aryans can live according to the laws and customs of our ancestors. The truth of these multi-racial, socially-engineered times we live in is that not only are our once Aryan homelands occupied, and are being occupied, by other peoples with their different cultures, but also that our own culture has been and is being suppressed and outlawed.

We Aryans are not allowed to have any racial or cultural pride, for that is “racist”, and “racism” is outlawed. The reality is that we Aryans now live under what are effectively Governments of Occupation, just as we are expected to stand by while these Governments of Occupation enforce policies of racial integration, and allow and encourage more and more immigration into what once were our Aryan homelands.


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