Essays in Aryan Revolution by David Myatt

I Facts the System Does Not Want You To Know
II Why The System Must Be Destroyed
III The Necessity Of War
IV The Illusion Of Peace
V How To Destroy An Illusion
VI Why Violence is Healthy

Publisher’s Note

Most of the essays in this present volume have already appeared in other publications, such as The National-Socialist. However, such has been the demand for reprints of these articles that it has been decided to re-publish them in this separate volume.

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Facts The System Does Not Want You To Know

The System does not want you to know, and tries to suppress, the fact that National-Socialism means folk-democracy, not ‘dictatorship’ or tyranny. National-Socialists believe in and uphold the only real form of democracy there is or can be: folk-democracy(1).

Governments in this country, and other Aryan countries, have tried to hide this fact for over seventy years. They do not want you to know that a National-Socialist society is a society of Aryan people who willingly co-operate together for their own advancement and well-being.

The truth is that National-Socialists are committed to the freedom of folk-democracy, while politicians of our present System – and those who support them – are committed to introducing ever more tyrannical legislation to enforce their own policies and compel people, on pain of imprisonment, to act and behave as those politicians believe people should act and behave.

The truth is that the present System we have in this country is tyrannical, despite the politicians of this System forever saying they are ‘democratic’.

This System is tyrannical and un-democratic because it has outlawed all opposition to its policies. This System has made opposition to its aim of creating a multi-racial State illegal. It has introduced laws to make and compel people to change their attitudes and behaviour, on pain of imprisonment. This is coercive; it is dictatorial and it is tyrannical. All the major political parties, whether ‘Left-wing’ or ‘Right-wing’, in this and other Aryan countries are committed to this multi-racial society, and committed to those laws which make opposition to this type of society illegal. All the political parties in this and other Aryan countries are committed to ever-more laws to make and compel people to accept this type of society, and everything which goes with it, on pain of imprisonment.

A real tyranny has been created – with the Police being given Stalinist-type powers to deal with those the System suspects are critical of this ‘multi-racial’ society. Already dissidents have been arrested and imprisoned for speaking out against this tyranny, as the Police are committed to conducting more and more Stalinist-type ‘dawn raids’ on those suspected of possessing dissent literature.

Of course, the politicians of this tyrannical System – and those who support and aid this System – use fine-sounding words to try and justify this suppression and imprisonment of dissidents, as they spewed forth equally fine-sounding, but equally deceitful, words when the tyrannical legislation to do these dictatorial things was introduced. Thus they spoke of ‘curbing racial hatred’ – by which they meant taking away the right of Aryan people to criticise the multi-racial, anti-White, society the System wanted to create. They spoke of ‘racially offensive literature’ – by which they meant any literature which criticises their anti-Aryan and pro-ethnic minority policies. They even invented a new word to try and brainwash people and make them feel guilty – the word ‘racist’.

The politicians of this tyrannical System – and those who aid and support this System – call anyone who opposes their multi-racial policies a ‘racist’. With all their influence and power, these politicians and others, have made ‘racism’ a modern heresy – and they wish to ruthlessly hunt-down and imprison or ‘re-educate’ anyone they deem to have ‘racist’ views. That is, they wish to hunt down, imprison or ‘re-educate’ anyone who criticizes them, who does not believe their basically Marxist racial equality propaganda, and who resists the tyranny they have created.

The truth is that the System lies about democracy. There is no democracy in this country or any other Aryan country. Everyone has to believe in and support the anti-Aryan, multi-racial policies of this System, and the basically Marxist racial equality propaganda of the System – or the System will persecute them. Such dissents risk losing their job; they will be persecuted and hounded by the Police, probably have their homes searched, for ‘offensive literature’, after an armed ‘dawn raid’ – and probably be put into prison after being found guilty of one of the new offences against the State: ‘inciting racial hatred’; ‘possessing offensive literature’ and so on.

For all the major political parties in all Aryan countries, the State is simply a means to create a particular, materialistic consumer society, irrespective of the culture, traditions or race of the people living in the boundaries of that State – whereas for centuries, Aryan nations, such as the British State, were a means to preserve, and aid the advancement of, the native, indigenous, Aryan people of that nation. That is, the State was racial in nature – a means of securing the existence, well-being and advancement of its Aryan people.

Today, the State has become a means to advance financial, business and multi-cultural interests and ideas. Aryan politicians are no longer concerned about the Aryan peoples and their way of life. Instead, they concern themselves with ‘getting-on’; with gaining power, influence and money; with internationalist ideas; with other cultures. And the Aryan politicians of all modern States have contrived and connived with Zionists to make opposition to their internationalist, multi-cultural, un-Aryan, profane, materialistic schemes and policies illegal. They have created a tyrannical society which rewards their own kind, and which punishes anyone who patriotically tries to aid and advance the cause of the Aryan peoples of these States.

The truth is that the System lies – and has lied for over seventy years – about National-Socialism. National-Socialists act out of concern for their own people; they demand the right to be able to speak out against the anti-Aryan policies of the System. They are fighting to regain the freedom we have had taken away from us. They are fighting to create a genuine democratic society – a folk-democracy.

National-Socialists have had enough of this oppressive tyranny, and are fighting back. What are you going to do – endure oppression, or resist?

Why The System Must Be Destroyed

The reality of the present is that we Aryans live under a Zionist Government of Occupation in a society which is dedicated to everything those of nobility and honour detest and dislike. This society is fundamentally anti-Aryan, as it has introduced tyrannical laws to take away the basic rights of Aryans – for instance, the right to carry weapons; the right to favour one’s own kind over aliens; the right to speak out in defence of one’s own kind and one’s own culture. This society is founded upon the Zionist hoax, or illusion, of ‘racial equality’, and each and every Government, whether of the ‘right’ or of the ‘left’ or any shade between, upholds this illusion as they try and have tried to force the Aryan majority to ‘integrate’ with the millions of non-Aryans which these Governments have allowed and encouraged to settle in Aryan countries. Furthermore, this present society of ours maintains another illusion, or hoax – that of ‘parliamentary democracy’. The reality, however, is that all the political parties, and thus any Government formed by one of them which wins an election, support the multi-racial, anti-Aryan System which has been created.

Behind the ‘Government of the day’ there are people who wield the real power. For decades, those who run and who created the present System – with its illusion of parliamentary democracy and its illusion of racial equality – have tried to maintain their power and influence by seeking to secretly manipulate the Aryan majority. That is, they have tried to mentally condition the majority – to ‘brainwash’ them, and thus secretly control them via ideas.

For decades, torrents of propaganda supporting and propagating the hoax of ‘racial equality’ has poured forth – in books, in newspapers, in magazines, in films, on television. The hoax of racial equality itself has become State-sponsored and has been taught to schoolchildren and college students. In addition, the powerful and secret minority behind the System created and propagated another hoax to condition, manipulate and control Aryans. This was the hoax of the Jewish ‘holocaust’. This hoax, this illusion, this ignoble lie of the holocaust has been used and is being used to create anti-Aryan multi-racial societies and to ruthlessly stamp out any and all opposition to the hoax of racial equality and to the System which has been created to tame, domesticate and control Aryans. This lie of the ‘holocaust’ has been used and is being used to brainwash Aryans from the cradle to the grave – to condition them to accept a multi-racial society, with all its “benefits”, and to condition them to reject their own Aryan culture and ignore the danger their own race is in.

The result of all this propaganda, manipulation and conditioning has been the creation of a profane society and a way of life which was and is anti-Aryan in essence. What has been created is a materialistic, vacuous, society where individuals are taught or led to believe that individual pleasure, wealth, prosperity, happiness, or abstract, unreal, aims like ‘racial equality’ are the only worthwhile goals. The society we Aryans had inherited from our ancestors, where the Aryan and warrior values of honour, duty and excellence were prized, became replaced by a society based on selfish indulgence and anti-Aryan values derived from the Zionist hoax of racial equality. A whole new anti-Aryan culture was developed – that is, the Aryan majority ceased to act and behave like Aryans, and ceased to follow their own unique cultural values. Instead, they embraced the dis-honourable, sex-obsessed, selfish, race-mixing anti-Aryan culture which the secret Zionist minority had created to control the Aryan majority. Slowly, and with the majority either unaware of it or indifferent to it, what was Aryan was suppressed and outlawed. The accepted values of the System have become anti-Aryan ones – with the majority of young Aryans lacking any sense of honour, lacking any self-discipline, but instead being addicted to Negro music, believing Negroes to be equal to Aryans and not caring about the future of their own Aryan folk and race.

Furthermore, the secret Zionist minority saught to keep the majority contented, entertained and reasonably well-fed, for they knew that revolutions often arise when a people are hungry, discontented and desperate. Thus were the majority constrained and controlled – tamed and domesticated, fed and entertained by their hidden masters. The horizons, the goals of the majority, were set for them, while the real revolutionaries – those who could free them from their mental slavery – were persecuted and imprisoned and described as ‘evil racists’ intent on causing another ‘holocaust’. Thus were the majority duped – living for the most part happy and contented, while the secretly controlled and secretly censored Media poured forth a torrent of propaganda and abuse at ‘evil racists’, ‘neo-nazis’ and anyone they deemed to be a threat to their hoax and the society based upon it. And such was the mental conditioning of the majority that they seldom if ever questioned this propaganda put out by their masters. Such was the mental conditioning of the majority, and such was their tameness, that they were for the most part pleased and content that the Government of the day was dealing with such vile individuals.

Such is the control now exercised over the majority, and such is their basic contentment and their basic conditioned belief in the anti-Aryan goals set for them, that the majority will never now be awakened by us simply trying to tell them the truth. They will not listen, or they will not understand, because at present it is as if we are strangers speaking a different language from them and they have no need and no desire to try and learn our language of freedom. Until that need or that desire arises, they will continue to ignore our leaflets, our pamphlets, our speeches, our meetings and our rallies. So it is that such things, aimed at the majority, are futile, a waste of our resources. So it is that ‘electioneering’ – with us forming or belonging to a political party trying to win power through contesting elections – is doomed to fail.

The majority simply are cocooned from reality by the illusions which their Zionist masters have created for them. There is the illusion of racial equality. There is the illusion of ‘the holocaust’. There are the illusive materialistic goals which the Zionists have given them to strive for. Furthermore, they like the domesticated tame beings they have become, are for the most part contented because reasonably well-fed and reasonably entertained by their masters.

One thing and only one thing can shatter these illusions and their bourgeois contentment. This is a revolutionary situation – for such a situation will force the majority to confront what is vital and important. It will force them to face the reality of racial difference and racial potential. It will deprive them of the comforts to which they have become accustomed and which have made them weak, and domesticated. In essence, the majority need to re-discover their basic Aryan instincts – their basic warrior heritage. They need to throw off the shallow, the pretentious, the illusive sociological and Marxist egalitarian ideas which Zionists have indoctrinated them with from birth. They need to become Aryan again – aware of the Aryan values of honour, duty and excellence, and aware of their Aryan heritage.

Our societies are now organized and maintained by petty vainly arrogant often cowardly Aryans who have never faced the severe test of combat – who have never had to prove themselves by facing a ‘life or death’ situation. Our societies are full of glib-talking, spineless people who have no understanding of honour and no understanding of their unique Aryan heritage. Indeed, the ‘role models’ which the secret Zionist minority have made for the people in these societies to follow and emulate, idealize such glib-talking spineless individuals and such petty vainly arrogant self-indulgent weak-willed cowards. These Zionist-manufactured idols are called ‘politicians’, ‘entertainers’, ‘film stars’, ‘musicians’ and ‘millionaires’.

In effect, the dross have been allowed to assume day to day control, and their worthless dishonourable standards and ignoble values are the values which drive and which maintain the whole worthless, dishonourable System. This System is so full of corrupt people and corrupt practices, and so maintained by illusive ignoble anti-Aryan ideas, that it will have to be totally destroyed and an entirely new start made. This can only mean a revolution.

We need to create a totally new society, based on Aryan ideals, as we need to nurture and produce Aryan individuals dedicated to Aryan values such as honour, duty and excellence. A large percentage of our fellow Aryans have now become so corrupt, or so maintained by anti-Aryan ideas and anti-Aryan values, that they are or have made themselves worthless. They have ceased to be Aryan, and live and act like non-Aryans, like the sub-humans they emulate and have become. It is futile to believe that most of these people will change or can change. They are lost to our race, and we have to accept this fact. Accordingly, we must understand that our task is not to try and convert such people – to win them over to our Cause. That is, our task now is not to form or try to form a ‘populist political party’ or movement and try to win political power by compromising with the System, with the Aryan traitors who have aided and abetted this System, and the Aryan majority who are lost to their race. Rather, it is to build a revolutionary army, dedicated to fighting the holy war that is necessary, and to bring about or cause the revolution needed to undermine and destroy the whole System.

Our future task, after the revolution, is to create the new society we need from the rubble of the old – to create a new type of individual, one Aryan in body and in soul; one who is genuinely free to live as an Aryan. For too many decades we have allowed ourselves to be duped by our opponents – thus have we idly dreamed of winning power by contesting elections. The reality is that we must become revolutionary fighters dedicated to undermining and overthrowing the System, as we must zealously take our message of freedom, our fight for justice and our vision of a new society among our fellow Aryans. The change we desire and need can only be brought about by the shedding of blood and the destruction of everything which is anti-Aryan. We must become pure in spirit, like the mighty warriors of our once great Aryan race – that is, we must become totally focused upon the task before us, never wavering and never giving up until we have achieved the goals of Aryan revolution, Aryan freedom and a new pure Aryan society dedicated to producing Aryans pure in race and pure in spirit.

The Necessity of War

A Declaration of War

The skirmishes which we National-Socialists have been fighting since 56 yf for our basic freedom, and our survival as a race, have developed into battles. The tyrannical System which our enemies have created to enslave us becomes more anti-Aryan and more tyrannical with every passing year. Furthermore, those zealous guardians of this System – the Police and government agencies such as MI5 – have been ordered to deal ruthlessly with those, like active National-Socialists, who are fighting to undermine and overthrow the tyrannical System we are forced to live under. White Police officers and White members of organizations such as MI5 have repeatedly shown themselves to be traitors to their race, and their culture. Instead of refusing to take part in the destruction of their own culture and their own race, they have mindlessly or willingly co-operated. Instead of trying in some way to use their work or their employment to covertly aid those who are courageously fighting for freedom, they have mindlessly or willingly co-operated in the suppression and the imprisonment of Aryan activists.

The System has, over the past decade or so, ruthlessly rooted out any Police officer or any member of any government organization suspected of having sympathy with us or suspected of having views which contradict the anti-Aryan, pro-ethnic minority dogmas of the System. For instance, any Police officer suspected of having ‘racist views’ – i.e. suspected of being proud to be White and sensible enough to understand the pro-ethnic, anti-Aryan policies of the System – has been forced to resign, forced to recant their ‘heretical’ views, or forced to undergo the brainwashing techniques the System has devised to intimidate and control its opponents (they call this brainwashing ‘re-education’ or ‘awareness training’). And the White members of these organizations have either co-operated, or done nothing, more concerned about their own careers than about the freedom and future of their race. As a result, the Police and other organizations have become an instrument to enforce and police the tyranny which has been created. Accordingly, they have become our sworn enemies.

These organizations, and the people behind them, have declared war on us – and now we declare war on them, recognizing them for what they are, enemies of our freedom and enemies of our race. We can no longer simply fight skirmishes with our visible, often ‘communist’ enemies ‘on the streets’ as we no longer have the time or the freedom to indulge ourselves with playing the electoral game which our Zionist foes, and their lackeys, have rigged and whose rules they will change when it suits them. We must recognize that we are fighting a real war. We have real enemies, who will use any means and any weapon in order to win. Our choice is a simple one – fight for freedom and for victory, or do nothing and endure the oppression of the System. Men fight, when war is declared, while cowards make excuses.

We declare war on the whole anti-Aryan tyrannical System which exists in every country where Aryans are in the majority – on the governments, organizations and people who aid and abet this System and who support, actively or by inaction, the governments which support this System. Anyone who is not with us, actively or covertly, is our enemy – for that is the nature of war.

A War Against Occupying Forces

However, this war cannot, at present, be a conventional war of well-equipped armies facing and fighting each other on specific battlefields. It also cannot be, at present, a war which uses the tactics of conventional war. This is because the two sides are unevenly matched. Our enemies have at their disposal large well-equipped, well-trained armies and organizations, and vast resources of man-power and money. Our enemies also occupy and control our territory – that is, we live under an ‘Occupation Government’. Since our principal foes – our sworn and deadly enemies responsible for creating and maintaining the anti-Aryan tyrannical System – are Zionists, we call this the Zionist Occupation Government or ZOG. This Government of Occupation has thousands upon thousands of collaborators – people dedicated to upholding the tyrannical anti-Aryan ideas and tyrannical anti-Aryan legislation which the Zionists have created and used to enslave us and to try and breed us out of existence through their genocidal policy of race-mixing.

In contrast to our enemies, our resources and our man-power are limited. At present, we are small bands of often not very well-organized freedom fighters. At present, we posses plenty of motivation and idealism, but very few of the practical skills required to fight a real war. At present, most of the time we try and organize some direct action against our enemies our plans are betrayed to our enemies because many of our small groups are infiltrated by ZOG agents. At present, we have limited access to the real weapons we need to fight this war. Quite often, we are forced to improvise.

We must organize and train ourselves to fight this real war in a real and practical way. That is, we must have good strategy, good tactics, good organization, good weapons, good propaganda and good intelligence about our enemies. Good intelligence means we identify important, or strategic, enemies, and targets of strategic or tactical importance to our enemy, and attack them. Good strategy means we understand we are fighting for our freedom to live among our own kind according to our own Aryan customs, and that we are fighting a tyrannical Government, or Governments, of Occupation who are intent on keeping us enslaved. Good tactics mean we realize we are at present fighting a covert, or clandestine, war against a powerful, often ruthless, enemy and that we must at first fight a revolutionary war of attrition – a war of sabotage and disruption where collaborators, ZOG agents and sworn enemies are legitimate targets. Good propaganda means we seek to gain the support and sympathy of our fellow Aryans by making them aware of our noble fight for freedom and for justice; it also means that we ourselves, who fight in this war, have an unshakeable fanatical belief in the justice of our Cause.

We must develope more good secure organizations, free from ZOG agents, composed of dedicated fighters. We must acquire more of the weapons we need to engage the forces of ZOG. Above all, we must strike whenever and wherever we can as we must make more and more Aryans aware of the tyranny of ZOG and the noble ideals for which we fight.

Our enemies may at present be powerful, as they may have plentiful resources at their disposal, including tyrannical laws which they have introduced to try and suppress our ideals and to try and ‘keep us in our servile place’. But we have the justness of our fight for freedom on our side, and no tyranny, however ruthless, can ever extinguish the desire of a people for freedom so long as some within that people remember freedom and strive to obtain it.

At present, however, the sad fact is that a majority of our people are blissfully unaware of the danger facing their race, and of how their basic rights and freedoms have been taken from them, with they themselves made into docile slaves of a materialistic alien System. One important task facing us is to liberate our people from the mental conditioning, or ‘brainwashing’, which the System has subjected them to over many decades.


The Illusion of Peace

Control by Comfort and Illusion

The System has learned two hard lessons. The first lesson was learnt from Soviet style communism – overt large-scale oppression does not work very well. The desire for freedom lives on in people, however harshly they are treated, however many are imprisoned and however much the State tries to enforce open programmes of political indoctrination. The second lesson was learnt from the harsh economic climate and the ‘Great Depression’ which followed the First World War – starving people, with little or nothing to lose, and people who fear losing what they have got, can easily revolt against those who control them.

Fundamentally, those behind the System have learnt the subtle power of persuasion and how to manipulate people so that those people do not know or suspect they are being controlled, and do not know or suspect that their basic freedoms have been taken away. It is basically very simple – give the majority a reasonable standard of living, and material or self-centred goals to strive for, and they will behave themselves. They will, for the most part, be content. They will be domesticated – they will become tame. Furthermore, portray anyone who opposes you as ‘evil’, as ‘terrorists’, as ‘extremists’ bent on creating a dictatorship, while portraying your own System as ‘democratic’ and/or ‘liberal/progressive’. At the same time, cleverly introduce laws which make it illegal for anyone to challenge your own ideas, all the time making yourself, and your lackeys, appear as ‘protectors of democracy’ and protectors of ‘freedom’. Create a political system which seems to allow for choice between different political parties, but which really allows for no choice at all since all these parties adhere to the same ideas.

The trick works well provided the basic material security and prosperity of the majority are maintained, provided the illusion of freedom of political choice is maintained, and provided the troublesome minority, who see the illusion and the manipulation for what they are, can be dealt with by “due process of law” and thrown into prison as common criminals.

Whole new societies have been created, based on illusion – on abstract, dogmatic, ideas which do not correspond to reality. Further, the majority of people have been indoctrinated with these ideas since birth, so that they believe that only these ideas are ‘correct’, or ‘just’ or whatever. The result is a society of individuals for the most part cleverly conditioned and cleverly controlled, who are unaware of reality or of how they have been conditioned and are being controlled. In effect, not only has a society been ‘socially engineered’, but so have the majority of people within it. This is even more sinister, more evil, than an overt, bloody, repressive tyranny. And it is also a more effective way of controlling people.

The Fundamental Illusion

The fundamental illusion on which the new societies of the System have been based is the illusion, or hoax, of ‘racial equality’. This is an abstract idea totally contrary to reality, and one which all the major political parties in all the countries where Aryans are in a majority uphold. Thus, on this important issue, there is no freedom of choice. This illusion of racial equality is contrary to the facts of history, of practical experience, and even ‘common sense’, and from this illusion other illusions are derived – such as the illusion that our societies are ‘racist’ and therefore special efforts need to be made to help or aid non-Aryans in these countries since they are at a disadvantage. In this, the reality – as anyone of any insight or intelligence knows – is that our societies are actually anti-Aryan, or anti-White, and positively favour and encourage non-Aryans and non-Aryan customs while discriminating against Aryans, Aryan culture and Aryans customs.

This illusion, this hoax of racial equality, and that of ‘racism’, were created by those who invented the dogmas of Marxism, of ‘social anthropology’, and of ‘sociology’, and whether by accident or design these dogmas have been used to manipulate and control Aryans and to create societies which are anti-Aryan. Is it just a coincidence that the inventors of these abstract, illusive, dogmas were all Jews – Marx, Boas, Benedict, Durkheim, Mauss, Marcuse, Levi-Strauss?

Is it just coincidence that the lie of the alleged Jewish ‘holocaust’ has been used to discredit the pro-Aryan Cause of National-Socialism, used to stifle any expression of pro-Aryan views and used as an excuse to introduce repressive anti-Aryan laws?

In fact, the lie of the ‘holocaust’ is crucial in maintaining the illusion that has been created. It is also used to manipulate and coerce people – to mentally condition them to believe certain things. The ‘holocaust’ story is taught as irrefutable fact to children in Schools, and to young people in Colleges and Universities. No criticism is ever allowed. There is a religious type of sanctity which has grown up around ‘survivors’ of the ‘death camps’, and around the story itself, and many countries now have ‘holocaust memorials’ and ‘museums’ which have become places of pilgrimage and where regular ‘remembrances’ are held. The story is treated with an almost religious sanctity, and anyone who doubts is subject to an Inquisition. Indeed, the story of the ‘holocaust’ has become more of a religious belief than belief in a Christian God. Laws have been introduced in countries like Germany, France, Canada and Austria which make it illegal for anyone to deny this ‘holocaust’ took place. That is, belief in the ‘holocaust’ has become mandatory in many countries. Everyone now has freedom to believe in a Christian God or not, and freedom to believe or disbelieve whether the Gospels are the divine word of God – but everyone has to believe in the story of the ‘holocaust’. Why do they have to believe in this story of the ‘holocaust’? Because it is an “irrefutable fact”? Because it has been “proved beyond all doubt”? Surely, the same things were said, for many centuries, about the Christian God, his miracles, and the Gospels – and anyone who dared to deny such “irrefutable facts”, and question whether such things had indeed “been proved beyond all doubt” were called heretics, and punished. Such heretics could be, and often were, imprisoned, forced to recant their ‘heretical views’, and persecuted – deprived of their jobs, their livelihood, scorned by their neighbours. In those dark days of religious intolerance, and Inquisition, people could be denounced as ‘heretics’ – and mere mention of this word, or the threat of being called it, was enough to make people fearful. The threat of being called a heretic was enough to keep most people in line – to make them conform, and accept the teachings of the Church, or at least not speak openly about them. So the Church maintained its power and its hold over people by such covert and overt terror.

Today, everyone has got to be believe in this story of the ‘holocaust’ for one simple reason. The story itself is central to the beliefs which now underlie all the societies of the West. A new terror has been created, and maintained by the coercive force of law. No dissent is allowed, and everyone has to be educated – that is, ‘brainwashed’ – to believe this new pseudo-religious belief. Just as in the dark times of the medieval Inquisition, this pseudo-religious belief, and only this belief, is said to be ‘morally right’ – and anyone who criticizes it, disagrees with it or opposes it, is cast as ‘evil’ or ‘wrong’. Indeed, any doctrine which in not part of this new pseudo-religious or dogmatic orthodoxy is deemed to be ‘evil’ and ‘wrong’.

What, then, is this new dogmatic orthodoxy, given an almost religious sanctity by the various Governments of the System? It is, quite simply, the belief that a multi-racial, basically materialistic society is the only type of society which is right. This itself is based on the hoax that all races are equal. Those who see this hoax for the fraud it is are called ‘racists’ and people have been indoctrinated to believe that ‘racism’ is wrong. All the major political parties in this, and all other Western countries, are dedicated to creating a society based on this hoax of racial equality as they are all committed to ‘eradicating’, by force of law and programmes of education, any opposing views. This new dogmatic orthodoxy has been used to introduce what are basically Marxist policies of forced ‘equality’, ‘affirmative ethnic action’, and ‘ethnic quotas’. This orthodoxy has been used to make those of European race feel guilty because of their alleged ‘racist’ past – and any expression of racial pride by Europeans is not tolerated, or regarded as ‘extreme’ and ‘unsavoury’, while ethnic pride among racial minorities is positively encouraged. This orthodoxy has been used to take away the basic right of Aryans to defend themselves as it is used to justify imprisoning any Aryan who dares to fight back against intimidation by gangs of non-Aryans.

This new dogmatic orthodoxy has created a new heresy – ‘racism’. Modern Inquisitors have been appointed to track down racists and to seek out and destroy any ‘racist attitudes’ or behaviour. Modern Inquisitorial tribunals have been set up to investigate alleged ‘racism’ at work, in Schools and Colleges, and elsewhere, and to punish those found guilty. These modern Inquisitors are called by such titles as ‘Race Relations Officers’, or ‘awareness counsellors’ and the Inquisitorial courts which try to find and punish heresy, are called by fancy names such as ‘Race Relations Tribunals’.

The story of the ‘holocaust’ is central to all this manipulation of Aryan minds – because, quite simply, this new orthodoxy says that the ‘holocaust’ proves that National-Socialism, and any other kind of ‘racialist’ or separatist belief, is evil and wrong. The argument always runs along similar lines: “Look what racism led to in Germany – the horrors of the holocaust”; and “Auschwitz is a reminder of where exclusion and inhumanity can lead…” So any dissent, any attempt to expose the Zionist hoax of racial equality is stifled – because, of course, “everyone knows that the holocaust existed”. Thus also the arguments used to justify the mental tyranny which exists and which is evident in making illegal any and all opposition to multi-racialism: “we must stamp out racism before it takes a hold; otherwise we will have another ‘holocaust’…”

Everyone must believe in the ‘holocaust’ because everyone must believe that ‘racism’ is wrong and that racists hate other races and want to exterminate them, or at least subject them to brutal slavery. All modern Aryan countries are dedicated to creating and maintaining multi-racial societies, and therefore no real, open, opposition can be allowed or will be tolerated. No other beliefs – other than those which support such a society – can be taught, simply because these countries are part of a tyrannical System which is controlling people through ideas, and which is brainwashing them to believe these illusive ideas, and only them.

We National-Socialists have seen through the trickery and the manipulation, as we know ‘racial equality’ for the Zionist hoax it is. To win the war we are engaged in, we must free our people from such illusive ideas and from the control such Jewish-created ideas exercise over the minds and the behaviour of our folk.

How to Destroy an Illusion

For decades, Zionists have tried to take away, to destroy and erase, the memory of the glorious years which Aryans enjoyed under Adolf Hitler. They have tried to do this in several ways. Firstly, by inflicting suffering and hardship on the German people who knew, who had experienced those glorious years – conducting against this people a total war which virtually destroyed the country, which killed millions of loyal National-Socialists and which created mass starvation. Secondly, the Zionists subjected the German people to the humiliation and indignity of a tyrannical Occupation, to ‘de-Nazification’, to show trials. Thirdly, they created and propagated the vile lie of the ‘holocaust’ to make the German people guilty, and to discredit, or try and discredit, National-Socialism and Adolf Hitler.

The Zionists hoped that by doing these terrible, ignoble things to the German people, those who knew the reality of National-Socialism would forget it, or convince themselves they had been mistaken.

But there are still many who do remember, as there are many who have handed on, to a new generation, the memory of those glorious times. In effect, the Zionists and their lackeys – despite all they have done – have failed to eradicate the truth. Despite all the suffering, despite all the hardship, despite all the sacrifices and all the deaths, and even despite the lie of the ‘holocaust’, the beautiful, noble truth about National-Socialist Germany and Adolf Hitler lives on.

It lives on today in we who are National-Socialists, and to shatter the illusive world the Zionists have created from their destruction of National-Socialist Germany we need to do three things.

(1) We need to uphold and propagate the noble truth of National-Socialism – to hand on the sacred flame of freedom entrusted to us, and to win converts for our Cause.

(2) We need to fight our enemies in a practical way by waging a holy war against them, as outlined above in Part III.

(3) We need to shake our people out of the illusive comfort they now live in by helping to undermine and destroy in a revolutionary way the System which our enemies have created to control, enslave and domesticate our race. We must seek to create a revolutionary situation so that people once again have the face the hard reality of life. That is, we must be prepared to ruthlessly sabotage, destroy, undermine and disrupt in any way the infrastructure of our societies. [ See ‘System Breakdown’ and the other covert pamphlets in circulation.]

If we do these things, with a fanatical belief in our Cause based on an understanding of what our enemies have done and are doing to our people, then we can and will triumph, thus winning back our freedom and rescuing our race from the slavery it now endures.

Why Violence Is Healthy

We all know the story, the now-familiar newspaper ‘headlines’ and the now-familiar diatribes of spineless, characterless ‘politicians’, ‘social workers’ and ‘experts’ who speak-out against ‘violence’. I can recall a recent programme on television about ‘violence’ during which some video footage was used, taken by one of those invasive surveillance cameras which are increasingly being placed in our cities and our towns. What was shown was basically three young lads having a bit of a fight, late one night. One young man insulted another, who punched him and so on. Nothing to do with anyone else – just something for them to sort out among themselves, in a natural and healthy way. But the Police treated it as a serious assault, arresting all those involved, and trying to humiliate them through the Police and Court procedures designed to do exactly that. Naturally, ‘experts’ and assorted politicians as well as Police officers spoke about the ‘violence’ and how ‘horrible’ it was. And so on.

Correctly defined, the term ‘violence’ means using force so as the cause injury to another person or persons. It is natural and indeed necessary for someone to use force to defend themselves if attacked, as it is natural and healthy for young men in particular to be aggressive and war-loving. It is natural and indeed healthy for the majority of young men to want to be tough and to want to show others their toughness by fighting and brawling.

Of course, such truths as these are heretical in the ‘politically correct’ societies we Aryans are forced in live in. And they are heretical because for decades Zionists and their lackeys have tried to brainwash the majority of Aryans into believing ‘violence’ and aggressive behaviour are ‘wrong’ and even ‘un-civilised’. Indeed, the Zionists specifically created various psuedo-sciences, such as ‘sociology’, to make Aryans unhealthy and weak by turning them away from their natural, Aryan, instincts. In brief, Zionists have tried, through brainwashing, to domesticate and tame our once fierce, proud, warrior tribes – and they have done this because it is easier for them to rule over and control a tame people.

So many Aryans have now been tamed and conditioned by the Zionists and their doctrines, that it has now become common-place for Aryans occupying positions of power and influence (such as Police officers) to do their masters bidding, and to think and act either like ignoble cowards or like non-Aryans. Such Aryans have foresaken their Aryan warrior heritage and everything which makes them Aryan. They have lost their basic warrior instincts.

The simple fact is that individuals who are not prepared to use force to defend themselves, and thus their own honour, are fundamentally weak and cowardly. To be a man means to be prepared to look after oneself – to take responsibility for oneself. A mature individual, a real man, has character, and this character is only and always created through striving, through adversity, through overcoming challenging, obstacles, difficulties, and through combat – through tests of courage, heroism and endurance. All genuine Aryan societies were warrior societies(2), and in all warrior societies certain principles were upheld. Chief among these was the principle of training for manhood. Tests of endurance, tests of combat, tests of physical strength, and the taking of risks, were all part of this training. Young men were taught to fight, with weapons, as they knew and accepted that they would be expected to fight in battles. They were taught to be self-reliant, adventurous, and aggressive. In brief, they were taught to be proud of themselves, and taught that the highest values were the warrior values of courage, honour, loyalty, and duty. In these societies, people carried weapons, knew how to use them, were prepared to use them, and it was accepted that such weapons could be used, in self-defence.

Furthermore, these Aryan societies were genuinely civilized. That is, they prized excellence of individual character as they made warrior values, and manhood, ideals to be aspired to. These societies were ruled by strong men of character – by heroes who had proved themselves in combat and in war. Thus were such societies noble. What was accepted was that violence, particularly among young men, was natural and necessary, and that this could and should be encouraged provided those using violence abided by honourable rules when fighting or brawling. It was this acceptance and encouragement of violence, and this insistence on these noble and ennobling rules – mostly unwritten – which enables one to distinguish an Aryan warrior society. That is, in such a society, there had to ‘fair play’. Provided there was such fair play in such fighting and brawling, then violence was accepted and encouraged. Someone who did not play fair, was branded a coward, or a cheat, and considered an ignoble person. Thus, there were never, in Aryan societies, any ‘laws’ or any prohibitions about or concerning such fights or such brawling – and when such laws or such prohibitions did arise, one could be sure that the society introducing and enforcing them was run by weak, characterless individuals or ignoble tyrants. In brief, such societies had ceased to be Aryan.

For decades, Zionists, and their Marxist allies, have worked to create a society where individuals – and in particular men – are dependant on, and have to obey, the State and the institutions of that State, such as the Police. Zionists have tried to brainwash people into believing and accepting the ignoble, anti-Aryan values behind such a State, as they constructed a repressive ignoble System to deal with anyone who does not believe or accept these values, who refuses to be humiliated or who refuses to accept their new servile status. Zionists, and their allies and lackeys, have striven to undermine and eradicate the Aryan values of honour and excellence and that training for manhood which is essential for a healthy, noble, society. Thus have Zionists created and propagated the illusive doctrines of racial equality, of ‘feminism’, of the so-called ‘liberal democratic’ State with its repressive Police forces and its repressive laws which take away the right to bear and use weapons and which tries to break the aggressive, natural, spirit of young Aryans by tyrannical legislation making brawling and fighting and the use of weapons in self-defence ‘criminal offences’. Furthermore, these Police forces act like bullies who have to humiliate their victims and force them to submit to them. No Aryan with any pride and honour, is prepared to submit to such bullying tactics as the Police use when arresting someone and when holding them ‘for questioning’. It is an affront to one’s manhood to be so shamefully and so dishonourably treated. But the System which has been created to tame Aryans has given the Police such tyrannical powers, that honourable Aryans have become powerless when pounced upon by such bullies. In effect, such bullying and such dis-honourable behaviour has become institutionalized because it is means of control, a means to try and tame Aryans, and make them into servile Zionist slaves – into goyim, or ‘cattle’.

In essence, the Zionists, for their own messianic ends, and to keep and extend the power and influence they have, have striven to create generation after generation of self-indulgent, ignoble, individuals addicted to their own selfish pleasure and happiness, with these individuals having no experience of all those things, such as war, which are necessary to produce real manly character. Furthermore, they have tried to ruthlessly stamp out, through their anti-Aryan laws, and their tyrannical bullying Police forces, the virility and warrior nature of healthy young Aryans to whom toughness, pride and war are ideals. In addition, and as part of their strategy, these Zionists have encouraged and used the religion of Christianity to make Aryans ill.

Part of the responsibility for encouraging and creating weak character among Aryan men lies with the life-negating, anti-Aryan fundamentally Jewish religion of Christianity. Christianity, as noble Romans understood, and as Nietzsche so eloquently expressed in his The Anti-Christ, is a religion for cowards and sub-humans. It encourages and creates everything those of noble character loathe and detest. It encourages pacifism, the hoax of racial equality and the promise of an illusive after-life. It denies the pleasure and necessity of combat and war, as it makes a weak, weedy ‘spirituality’ rather than noble manhood, its goal. It is gloomy and superstitious and champions the values of the coward, the decadent and the life-hater. Christianity values and champions compassion over and above wisdom, necessity and experience.

In effect, Christianity and the anti-Aryan abstract doctrines created and propagated by Zionists, have made Aryans sick. Christianity and these Zionist doctrines are fundamentally mental and psychic viruses – ailments which undermine Aryan health, survival and vitality. The only effective cure for such life-threatening viruses is National-Socialism, for only National-Socialism expresses and represents what is Aryan and what is required for Aryan survival, health and advancement. In effect, National-Socialism is a modern conscious expression of the natural, healthy and noble instincts of Aryans – and it was these instincts which created civilizations in the past, and which made Aryans the most fierce, proud, tough and honourable warriors on Earth.

What National-Socialism understands and expresses is that violence, honourably used, is natural and necessary – part of training for manhood, part of a warrior society and a means whereby excellence can be achieved for individuals and the race itself. National-Socialism accepts and encourages the natural aggressive instincts of young men, and their desire to fight and to brawl, providing a framework of honour to guide individuals in the struggle for life and the struggle for excellence of individual character.

Thus does National-Socialism represent all that is wise and healthy, while those doctrines and those people which and who oppose National-Socialism represents everything which is ignoble and sickly.

1. See ‘Folk-Democracy’ in The Wisdom of National-Socialism; and ‘The Thousand Year Reich’ in The Enlightenment of National-Socialism.

2. For example, see ‘What is Aryan?’ in Aryan Freedom – Heretical Essays in Praise of Aryan Freedom.


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