A Case of a Cuck: Justine Trudeau

Dude weed LMAO

Justine Trudeau shares the same fascination of the social Marxists cuck ideology that is sickeningly pro-immigration at the expense of white Canadians. The plan to import 25,000 refugees from Syria and Iraq at the expense no-less of the Canadian tax payer. With investments of hundreds of millions of dollars for social programs and such for these immigrants.

Mass immigration of Muslims and Syrians has certainly worked out well for the EU:


An enormous immigration program is now underway by the cucks of the Liberal party to destroy Canada. And once more at the expense of Canadian taxpayers.

Meanwhile in Newfoundland the taxes continue to grow, gas continues to go up, living expenses increase and there is a 30% cut to trade jobs.

Let’s not forget the plan to criminalize as hate speech anyone opposed to the idea of 60 different genders. Oh the glory days of being sent to prison for assuming someone’s gender you cis scum. Didn’t you know it’s normal to be genderqueer pansexual polyamorous otherkin goyim!? Ov vey!

It’s time to stand up like a man. We will all go down together if we don’t stand together.


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